Lisa and Peter // Ocean Front

Lisa and Peter had a beautiful ceremony and reception at the Hyatt in Long Beach, amid a glistening ocean in the background. It made for a very picturesque wedding and gorgeous cinematography. As we walked down the promenade by the beach, the movement in the ocean all around us created a mural onto which we could superimpose the happy couple. With such an ever changing landscape, magical moments in composition are constantly being created and destroyed. It is therefore important to capture the moment quickly, as it will soon be gone before a new one appears.

Equipment: Canon 5D mk II, Canon 7D, Linear Motion dolly, Mac Pro 2.26GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon, Final Cut Pro 7 , Color 1.5; 50mm 1.2 L series prime, 24-105 mm Canon, 70-200mm, 14mm 2.8 Canon aspherical lens.

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